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Appliance Advisor Issue 2 2017

Stay in the know with real time Appliance, HVAC/R and Water industry updates from UL.

Appliance Advisor Issue 2 2017
May 13, 2019

In this issue

  • A letter from Alessio Dellancoe
  • Upcoming UL Education & Training for the Appliances Industry 
  • High Quality for the Future –  UL Hits the new Standard of  Lithium Battery-powered DC Tools
  • UL Makes it Easier to Export Your Refrigerators, Ovens and Washing Machines* to the Mexico Market
  • An Inside Look at UL’s Performance and Reliability Testing Center
  • Household Dishwashers – New 10th Edition of UL’s Safety Standard UL 749
  • Standards Corner
  • Energy Efficiency for Connected Thermostats, Lab Grade Refrigerators, Commercial Boilers
  • UL Goes Hand in Hand With CNIS for Innovative Development of Sino-Us Energy Efficiency System
  • Tradeshows & Webinars

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