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Mon Dec 31
  • Webinar

Webinar On Demand - Streamline Global Market Access with UL 508 Standard Transition to UL IEC-Based Standards

  • Webinar

Watch this Webinar On DemandStarting January 26, 2017, UL 60947 will be replacing the current requirements in UL 508 for several types of industrial control equipment. Transitioning files now can help set you up for success.  This educational webinar will cover the current and future state as well as the overall implementation plan of the UL 508 Standard transition.

  • Understand the history and fundamentals of UL 60947, including requirements functions and products
  • Products affected by the transition and plan from UL 508 to UL 60947
  • Overview comparison of UL 60947, UL 508, and IEC 60947
  • Global Market Access (GMA) benefits of UL 60947

For specific questions concerning the UL 508 Standard transition please contact us at [email protected] or visit

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